Asset & configuration inventory and change management fundamentals

Conceptual & operational training based on practical examples

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Method and product training

The fundamental training provides you with knowledge about the conceptual and operational deployment of an asset & change inventory as well as change management. By means of many practical examples, the participants deepen their knowledge so that they can implement it operationally in their own working environment after the training.

Introduction & motivation

  • Why do we get far too little out of our data?
  • What is the added value of an asset & configuration repository?
  • What problems can be solved with and what added value can be created?

Asset & configuration inventory (formerly CMDB)

  • Get insights in's approach and domain model
  • Conception, planning and operative implementation of an asset & configuration inventory (CMDB)
  • Approach to import data in the asset and configuration repository
  • Inventory of host infrastructure and application stack (host, process, file, folder, service, application etc.) with OneImporter
  • Automate data import from third-party solutions and platform with OneGate
  • Asset & configuration item data browsing, filtering and data reporting
  • Detect relations between asset & configuration items to build up a topology
  • Customer-specific configurations
  • Data protection and protection of personal data
  • Practical use cases

Change management

  • Live detection of asset & configuration changes
  • Use time machine to report and analyze changes over time
  • Define and monitore change request execution
  • Get audit-proof change request execution documentation
  • Use cases: Service provider management, auditing & certification and cost allocation

Target audience

  • Configuration manager (CMDB)
  • Enterprise asset manager (EAM)
  • Release & change manager
  • Enterprise architects
  • Auditors
  • IT monitoring experts

Previous knowledge

  • IT fundamentals
  • IT service management fundamentals

Tools used

  • SaaS and Managed
  • Third party application and datasources with example data

Training conditions

Training schedules

  • 2023
    • 25.01.2023 - Online 🇬🇧
    • 29.03.2023 - Online 🇩🇪

SG = Schedule guarantee
FB = Fully booked

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