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Performetriks LLC - Minnesota / USA

Reselling & consulting partner | Performetriks is a performance engineering and application security service provider with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our key competence lies in speeding up and improving application security, as well as providing security and performance checks for clients in Aviation, Finance, Insurance, Retail, e-Commerce and Government industries.
With our roots in IT Reliability, we continually build our legacy knowledge and grow in the area of Performance Engineering and Information Security, Workspace Analytics, Monitoring, and Training.

ICS Intelligent Communication Software GmbH - Munich / Germany

Reselling & consulting partner | ICS is a highly specialized and unique expert in the field of IT service management. ICS supports its customers with individual IT management and monitoring solutions for complex networks and systems.
Among the customers of ICS are leading DAX enterprises that trust in ICS with planning, implementation and ongoing operation of IT supported business solutions. Customers of ICS are able to act faster, optimize costs and strengthen their competitiveness.
Since 1993 ICS has developed their own product line Continuity or Aronto to meet rapidly changing requirements. Besides, ICS continuously demonstrates its claim to technological leadship by introducing new product solutions as best-in-class integrations within customer projects.

QMETHODS - Business & IT Consulting GmbH - Berlin / Germany

Reselling & consulting partner | QMETHODS is a pan-European consulting specialist focusing on business-critical enterprise applications. QMETHODS analyzes, validats, optimizess and monitors IT and software applications in terms of performance, stability and scalability.
Based on methods, tools and processes our highly specialised teams conduct short and long-term performance measures. Further, we institutionalise sustainable, continuous IT and software engineering by means of an holistic approach.
The consultants of QMETHODS are highly specialised in the field of IT & software performance engineering. All consultants can rely on many years of professional experience in analyzing, validating, optimizing and monitoring of IT and sofware applications in terms of performance, stability and scalability. With this professional background we are aware of the value of historicized IT monitoring data and we are happy to have a solution for you.

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