REST-API fundamentals

Learn how to use REST-API to import assets & configuration items or automate operational tasks

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Method and product training

In this seminar you will learn how to use the API to import data, automate tasks, build integration for third-party products or export data for reporting or analysis. API communication ensures safety by using secured communication via the HTTPS protocol and API token. Be a part of the API first evolution!

Training contents

Introduction & motivation

  • The API first approach
  • Importance of historicized entities / data
  • Relational, graphical and document-oriented versus temporal database
  • Deployment scenarios for a temporal database Fundamentals

  • Domain model (environment, entity, instance, change)
  • Life cycle of a data instance
  • Mechanism for identifying state changes of an instance
  • Best Practices for using the temporal database
  • An universal importer template Database usage via API

  • Overview of REST API
  • Authentication procedure
  • Retrieving and saving data instances
  • Queries of data entities, instances and changes
  • "Deletion" of data instances

Practical exercises

  • Retrieve data entities, instances and changes
  • Store data instances and changes
  • Execute complex queries

Target audience

  • Application owner
  • IT monitoring experts
  • Software architects
  • Developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • System administrators

Previous knowledge

  • IT fundamentals

Tools used

  • SaaS and Managed
  • Visual Studio Code (IDE)
  • Node.js

Training conditions

Training schedules

  • 2021
    • 10.09.2021 - Online
    • 12.11.2021 - Online
    • Inhouse training - Worldwide

SG = Schedule guarantee
FB = Fully booked

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