Configuration & change management

Learn how to build an enterprise configuration management database (CMDB) and process changes

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Method and product training

In this training you learn how you can processing of enterprise data from different third-party sources on the basis of and the corresponding solutions. helps enterprise customers to increase the value of their enterprise data and to automate and digitize their business and operations more efficiently.

Training contents

Introduction & motivation

  • Why do we get far too little out of our data?
  • What is the value of an asset & configuration repository?
  • What problems can be solved with and what added value can be created?


  • Feel the power of data lifecycle
  • Get insights of domain model
  • Understand the new possibility of topology about distributed data

Data mining

  • Approach to import data in the asset and configuration repository
  • Automate data import with OneImporter
  • Supported import mechanism for third party application and technologies

Instance history viewer

  • Entity and instance browsing
  • Instance lifecycle view
  • Full text search
  • Customer-specific configurations

Operations diary

  • Examine changes in your IT monitoring in real time
  • Define filters for viewing changes

Inventory and topology analysis

  • Configure and use data analysis for inventory
  • Configuring and using topology analysis

Governance & compliance

  • The principles of governance & compliance
  • Define and configure customer-specific rulesets
  • Analyse violation events and define custome specific actions (notification, integration third party solutions)

Cost allocation

  • The principles of cost allocation
  • Define and configure customer-specific pricing models
  • Analyse billing data
  • Export billing data to an ERP system

Business process & job monitoring

  • The principles of process and job mining and monitoring
  • Define and configure customer-specific mining and monitoring
  • Analyse process master with his variants and each single process instance
  • Analyse process key performance indicators

Training targets

This seminar gives you a complete overview of the added value you can gain from your company data with You will learn the core concepts as well as an introduction to all solutions included in

Target audience

  • Chief digital officers
  • Executed management
  • CMDB and EAM experts
  • Governance & compliance experts
  • Auditors
  • IT monitoring experts

Previous knowledge

  • Enterpise management processes
  • IT fundamentals

Tools used

  • SaaS and Managed
  • Third party application and datasources with example data

Training conditions

Training schedules

  • 2021
    • 08.10.2021 - Online
    • 10.12.2021 - Online
    • Inhouse training - Worldwide

SG = Schedule guarantee
FB = Fully booked

Training registration

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