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Learn how to automate the mediation, rating and billing of dynamically used hardware, applications, licenses and services

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Method and product training

With the solution cost allocation you can define individual price models to rate and settle your costs with a clear result overview. Further, you gain cost transparency across all aggregation levels from summary down to the last cent. The aim of this seminar is to enable you to automatically calculate your services in the form of hardware, software and services according to your individual price models and to bill the service recipients. After the seminar you know how to invoice IT costs efficiently and based on real consumption.

Training contents

Introduction & motivation

  • Importance of historicized entities / data
  • Relational, graphical and document-oriented versus temporal database
  • Deployment scenarios for a temporal database


  • Calcualtion of services as hardware, software & services
  • Setting up of individual price models
  • Invoicing IT costs based on real consumption usage

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Practical exercises

  • Creation and readout of entities using REST client
  • Historization of database contents from a relational database in

Target audience

  • Business Developer
  • Specialty Departments
  • Monitoring Experts
  • Software Architects
  • Developers
  • DevOps Engineers

Previous knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of IT

Tools used

  • Visual Studio Code
  • SoapUI
  • Node.js

Training conditions

Training schedules

  • 2021
    • 24.09.2021 - Online
    • 26.11.2021 - Online
    • Inhouse training - Worldwide

SG = Schedule guarantee
FB = Fully booked

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