governance, compliance & risk

Learn how to formalize and automate governance & compliance using rule sets to verify each change to reduce risk

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Method and product training

In this seminar you will learn how to configure the automation of governance and compliance validation in The Governance & Compliance solution from supports you in complying with and implementing legal and internal company requirements. It provides transparency about all violations, documents them in an audit-proof way and can automatically trigger actions.

Training contents

Introduction & motivation

  • What does governance & compliance means?
  • Why is the governance compliance important for organisations and companies?
  • Why I should reduce business or opertaional risk?
  • The importance of digitization and automation for mastering complexity


  • A central repository for assets & configuration items
  • The power of data lifecycle and relations (topology) governance & compliance

  • What is a data and a rule set
  • Types of validation rules
  • Rule logic in detail
  • Rule set confiuration
  • Analyse validation events
  • Define of violation event based actions

Practical exercises

  • Understand how to use the user interface
  • Define your own rule validations and validate the correct functionality of these
  • Analyze the results of rule execution in
  • Define actions for rule violations, such as mail notification or creation of an incident ticket.

Target audience

  • Governance & compliance
  • Risk manager
  • Auditors for certifications
  • Controller
  • Security engineers
  • IT monitoring experts
  • Software architects
  • DevOps engineers

Previous knowledge

  • Governance & compliance fundamentals
  • Certiciation fundamentals
  • IT fundamentals

Tools used

  • SaaS and Managed

Training conditions

Training schedules

  • 2021
    • 01.10.2021 - Online
    • 03.12.2021 - Online
    • Inhouse training - Worldwide

SG = Schedule guarantee
FB = Fully booked

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