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Change Detection & Processing Platform


Versio.io is an enterprise software solution that provides a central repository for all business and IT configurations, detects their changes and processes them.

Versio.io integrates data from your third-party applications that companies use to run business processes, monitor IT landscape and control IT service management.

Topologization and historization create a completely new and audit-proof data quality over data from different third party systems and enable the automated implementation of the following application areas focused by Versio.io:

  • Detailed information about changes in data values or topological relationships
  • Data & topological analytics
  • Operations diary enables visual recognition of all changes
  • Governance & compliance verification
  • Cost allocation of dynamic resource utilization
  • Capacity optimization for hardware & software resources
  • Business process & job monitoring

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Get insights into the Versio.io core platform

Learn more about the approaches we have developed for the Versio.io base platform, which makes us unique in the area of change detection and processing for our enterprise clients.

OS & software product version management

The collection of version information of the operating systems and software products used is an essential building block for the stable, secure, efficient and audit-proof operation of IT systems.



See what makes Versio.io unique


All assets or configurations are stored historically. This means that the data life cycle with all its changes can be traced back to any point in time.

Topological dependencies

The mapping of asset relationships and configurations from different data sources creates new insights and is a prerequisite for automation.

Revision safe & auditable

Changes to content and topology on assets and configurations are saved permanently, are unchangeable and cannot be deleted.

Overall organization focused

A central repository for all assets and configurations from business management, production, delivery and IT applications and data sources.

100% digitized & automated

Any data import and processing of Versio.io solutions are 100% digitalized and automated.

Added value

Increase visibility and control to reduce risks and costs immediately with integrated solutions based on your Versio.io data.

SaaS &

Use Versio.io as Software-as-a-Service offering (SaaS) or run Versio.io as an on-premise instance (Managed) in your own data center.

Full agile &
full cloud

Team agility and cloud dynamics lead to constant changes that remain transparent and controllable with Versio.io

Governance & compliance

Fully automated validation of legal governance and compliance requirements to reduce organizational risks.

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