Data center rack & slot infrastructure documentation

Inventory, visualisation of racks and slots and seamless integration with the configuration item in the inventory (CMDB)

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Documentation of the rack & slot infrastructure in the data centre Today, efficient and digital data centre management is essential for the smooth and regulatory operation of IT infrastructures. Data centres are the backbone of digital transformation and support a wide range of services and applications. A key challenge is the detailed documentation and management of the physical infrastructure, in particular the racks and slots, in order to create transparency, carry out capacity planning, facilitate maintenance work and minimise downtimes. supports you in the documentation of racks and slots in your data centres and offers you seamless integration into the Asset & Configuration Item Inventory (CMDB).

Document racks & slots

The documentation of racks and slots is an essential step in the effective management of data centres. A rack is a physical frame made of metal that houses servers, network devices and other hardware components. Each rack consists of a series of slots in which the equipment is installed. Precise documentation includes:
  • Data centre - Description of the data centre, geo-location and contact information for the data centre
  • Rack - The rack documentation includes the intended use, all physical characteristics (height/depth, available power) and the GEO location. A QR code is provided for the rack ID so that it can be attached to the rack and allows direct access to the rack information.
  • Slot - The slot documentation includes the type, the installed position, the height of the installed unit and the power consumption. By integrating the automatically recorded devices in the slots, documentation is reduced to a minimum.
Additional customer-specific information, such as installation date, responsible organisation, customer, cost centre, etc., can be stored on the individual data centre rack and slot instances. All changes to the instances are automatically historized.

Integration of configuration elements from the inventory (CMDB) at slot level

Integration of configuration elements from the inventory (CMDB) at slot level

Integration of configuration elements from the inventory (CMDB) at slot level

The Asset & Configuration Item Inventory (CMDB) contains automatically recorded instances of servers, network devices and uninterruptible power supplies. A slot can be directly linked to the corresponding instance so that the topological context is established and specific device information, such as device type, manufacturer, model, serial number, IP address and MAC address, is available.


Visualisation of the rack with the assigned slot assignments

Visualisation of the rack with the assigned slot assignments

Visualisation of the rack with the assigned slot assignments

The visualisation of racks and slots in is an important prerequisite for visual verification, a better understanding of the physical infrastructure and capacity management. Good visualisation offers the following advantages

  • Transparency - A visualisation allows administrators to quickly understand the status and occupancy of the racks. This makes it easier to plan and carry out maintenance work.
  • Troubleshooting - In the event of technical problems, administrators can quickly localise the affected devices and take action. A visual representation of the cabling helps to identify potential sources of error.
  • Capacity management - The visualisation shows at a glance which racks and slots are available or already occupied. This supports the planning and optimisation of resource utilisation in the data centre.



Precise and detailed documentation of racks and slots in data centres is crucial for efficient management of the IT infrastructure. Structured documentation, seamless integration into the Asset & Configuration Inventory (CMDB) and effective visualisation enable administrators in data centres to maintain an overview, carry out maintenance work, use the rack infrastructure efficiently and ensure the availability of IT services.
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