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Meet at ITSM HORIZON 2021

Meet and get an insight into configuration & change management in a new dimension. Be part of the 3D online congress ITSM HORIZON 2021.

Produkt Release & EoL automatisieren

Wie können Sie absichern, dass die aktuellste Version oder Patch eingesetzt und vom Hersteller gepflegt und unterstützt wird? Das zeigen wir Ihnen in der WebSession!

OneImporter supports auto update

Reduce operational overhead by automating the update of new OneImporter versions and taking advantage of feature enhancements and security optimizations in a timely manner.

Visualize CMDB data with 3D city maps

City map visualisation is an exciting option for analysing and visualising configuration and change data due to the high number of data objects managed. announces Dynatrace partnership

It is with pleasure and pride that we announce today our official partnership with Dynatrace. is now available on the new Software Intelligence Hub for all Dynatrace customers.

Get insights into the core platform

Learn more about the approaches we have developed for the base platform, which makes us unique in the area of change detection and processing for our enterprise clients.

OS & software product version management

The collection of version information of the operating systems and software products used is an essential building block for the stable, secure, efficient and audit-proof operation of IT systems. announce full-stack capability announces the world's first enterprise full-stack CMDB. Capture business-relevant assets at any enterprise level such as business objects, clients, applications & infrastructures.

How to reset your password for

The first important step to be able to use is to log in to the web interface. The following instructions show you how to quickly reset your password. instance demand calculation

Each OneImporter creates a certain number of instances in The number of instances is the basis for sizing the customer-specific environment and licensing.

Automate your IT documentation

Very unloved, but unfortunately very important: IT documentation! Automate your IT documentation with so that you can focus on IT projects and improvements.

IT security compliance prepackages rule sets

Use prepackaged and continuously updated IT security rule packages to identify security vulnerabilities of desktop, cloud, data center and infrastructure components in your IT landscape. offer a free fundamentals training

In this 10-part free online seminar in 2020 you will learn the fundamentals and added value of fully automated identification and processing of changes in complex IT landscapes.

How CMDB improve IT security

Learn how to automate the detection, documentation and verification of security-related changes to increase IT security for your enterprise IT and business with

The best CMDB for Dynatrace is not just any CMDB - it is a perfect partner for Dynatrace SaaS / Managed. Seven reasons why is the best CMDB solution for the Dynatrace monitoring customer. as guest at the Performance Clinic

Learn more about at the next Dynatrace Performance Clinic on October 22, 2019. This PerfClinic focuses on custom solutions using the Dynatrace API and presents as good example of an intelligent extension.

Measuring the degree of host virtualization

The degree of host virtualization plays an important role in most IT strategies of enterprise companies. helps you to easily measure and verify this strategic goal!

Validate the expiry date of SSL certificates

Expired SSL certificates are a big hassle, because they prevent communication to and between IT components. This leads to user dissatisfaction and monetary losses in the B2C and B2B business. Learn how can help!

Meet at the Dynatrace PerformGo!

The team behind will visit this year's Dynatrace PerformGo! on 12 September 2019 in Berlin. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about, its use cases and the team behind!

NVD based security problem detection

The solution Governance, Compliance & Risk is now able to automate security problem detection based on the national vulnerability database (NVD).

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