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Import configurations of routers, switches, firewalls & network attached storages to inventory

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With the network device importer you can inventory all relevant configurations about routers, switches, firewalls & network attached storages to ensuring auditability, security, hardening and compliance. The network device importer supports products the following vendors:

Use scenarios with added value

Network device inventory can be used in the following scenarios to bring visibility, security and compliance to your IT landscape:
  • Inventory (CMDB) - Central and historized inventory over all network device configurations
  • Network plan - Detect and visualize the physical and logical structure of network device topologies
  • Change detection - Detect changes to network device configurations or network cabling
  • Change request execution monitoring - Live monitoring and auto documentation of network device change request
  • Recovery - Recovery a previous network device configuration
  • Analyzing & reporting - Analyse and report network device data
  • Release & patch management - Detect network devices with outdated software versions or software versions without maintenance and support
  • Vulnerability detection - Detect network devices with known security vulnerabilities
  • IT governance - Verify network device configurations with respect to antipattern (bad or error-prone configurations)

Deep insights into IT network

Based on a few selected use cases, you can already get a first impression with the help of screenshots:

Network device configuration

				Network device configuration

Network device configuration continuously inventories all your network devices so that you always have the current configuration of the network device available in

We call it a digital twin - an image of reality. This makes it easier for you to access the configurations of the network devices and enables downstream processing in terms of correct change request execution, release & patch assessment, security assessment, IT governance compliance, etc..


Network device governance compliance

				Network device governance compliance

Network device governance compliance

Based on the inventoried network device configurations, you can define and execute freely definable verifications in the form of rules to ensure compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.

The example shows an IT governance check whether the network devices used use the operating system version recommended by the manufacturer depending on the model.


Network device lifecycle & security assessment

				Network device lifecycle & security assessment

Network device lifecycle & security assessment

Based on the operating system version of the network device, the up-to-dateness of the operating system version can be checked according to internal release and patch specifications and the presence of known security vulnerabilities for the version used can be detected. This assessment enables you to always keep your IT landscape up to date and secure. Automate the EOL and vulnerability detection and focus your activity on the decision depending on your company-specific situation.


Physical and logical network map

				Physical and logical network map

Physical and logical network map

An important step in planning and optimizing a network is to have a network map that shows the physical and logical connections between the various network devices such as routers, switches, servers and end devices. Such a network map can be detect by 100% automatically and visualize the detected relationships between all devices. By looking at the network map, one can better understand the topology, configuration, performance, and security of the network and identify potential problems or opportunities for improvement.


Juniper network device configuration

				Juniper network device configuration

Juniper network device configuration

The illustration shows a section of the configuration of a Juniper network device as it was automatically inventoried by You have the full information about the configuration available as if you were looking at the network device itself. We call it a digital twin - an image of reality. This makes it easier for you to access network device configurations and enables subsequent processing.


Unlock the value of routers, switches, firewalls & network attached storages configurations

With the data imported from network devices, you can create added value for IT & business. The following use cases can be implemented with it:

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Server & desktop CMDB configuration manual

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With the server & desktop host importer you can store all relevant hardware and operation system information about your host, detecting changes and ensuring auditability.

OneImporter & OneGate core concepts

OneImporter & OneGate core concepts

The OneImporter & OneGate revolutionizes the automated inventory of data into an asset & configuration inventory (CMDB) by reducing the technical effort required.

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