The truth lies in the process that is carried out and lived!
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Business process mining & monitoring

Automate the detection of process flow for master, variants and each instance process with all necessary process KPIs for control and optimizization

Every core business process of a company consists of processes. Most processes in IT-driven companies are supported and executed by software and IT systems. These mechanisms leave digital traces, for example in ERP, CRM, ITSM, contract, disposition, asset or core banking systems.
With business process mining and monitoring you can derive the process flow with all its process steps for each process instance as well as for the process variants aggregated from it and the master process. Process KPIs as well as individual process metrics and values are recorded for each process step.

It has never been easier to understand a process based on the executed process instances

It has never been easier to understand a process based on the executed process instances

It has never been easier to understand a process based on the executed process instances

In you can view the process from the perspectives of the process master, process variants and process instances.

The visualization of the process sequence simplifies the understanding by the factor of 10 compared to other representations.

For each process perspective the generic and customer-specific process statistics (KPI) are available for analysis.

Why should you monitor your processes?

  • Process mining - Fully automated derivation of process instances, process variants and the master process from the process data.
  • Process transparency - Transparency over process execution creates readiness for optimization and change.
  • Process validation - Validate target / actual process execution.
  • Bottlenecks & performance analysis - Fast identification of resource bottlenecks and insufficient process runtimes.
  • Failure analysis - Rapid identification and analysis of failed processes.
  • Governance & compliance - Make sure that you can trace back each process execution.
  • Process across multiple systems - Get an overview of the entire process, even if it extends over several software and IT systems.

What company specific processes can you monitor with

  • Order processes
  • Debit processes
  • Approval processes
  • Procurement process
  • Sales processes
  • Contract processes
  • Incident process
  • Claims settlement processes
  • Billing processes
  • Data backup processes
  • Extract-transform-load (ETL) processes (business intelligence)
  • Nightly batch and job processes
  • and many more

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