Windows 11 CMDB importer support

Full support for Windows 11 host configuration detection and processing released

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R&D - August 26, 2021
The new operating system from Microsoft will see the official light of day towards the end of 2021. As a partner of the beta program, we started supporting Windows 11 in early. says hello to Windows 11 says hello to Windows 11
X says hello to Windows 11

As of the 2021.09 release, supports the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft.

Depending on the physical or virtualized host, OneImporter can automatically detect, historize, topologize and make available for further processing the configuration with approximately 200 up to 400 operating system-relevant Windows 11 attributes.

The OneImporter detect the folowing host characteristics:

  • Operation system
  • Hardware
  • Bios
  • System

The following example shows a Windows 11 host as captured by with all its attributes.



Windows 11








Configuration item




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