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Online web session from 21 July 2022

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In the 30-minute WebSession Matthias Scholze explain's approach to creating change requests that can be automated, as well as their real-time monitoring and documentation, using a practical example.

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With Change Request Management, change requests on any data source can be monitored and documented:
  • Infrastructur & application - Host, process and service, file configuration, folder structure, SSL/TLS certificate, port status, databas schema etc.
  • Container Technology - Kubernetes, Docker, containerd
  • Cloud platform - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Hetzner Cloud
  • Monitoring solutions - Dynatrace, Datadog, IBM Instana, CHECK_MK
  • Identity management - Microsoft 365 , Microsoft Active Directory etc.
  • Router, switches & firewalls - Juniper Networks , Cisco , Extreme Networks etc.

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