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Import, historize and process Checkmk monitoring configuration items

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Checkmk is an enterprise software for IT infrastructure monitoring. It is used for the monitoring of servers, applications, networks, cloud infrastructures (public, private, hybrid), containers, storage, databases and environment sensors.
The Checkmk solution supports a broad number of plug-ins for monitoring infrastructure components. Thus, it is an important data source for solutions.

Unlock the value of Checkmk data

With the data imported from a Checkmk instance, you can create added value for IT & business. The following use cases can be implemented with it:

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Checkmk importer configuration manual

Checkmk importer configuration manual

The Checkmk CMDB importer provides you with the technical solution to import the data of your IT environment and monitoring configurations gathered by the monitoring solution Check_mk.

OneImporter & OneGate core concepts

OneImporter & OneGate core concepts

The OneImporter & OneGate revolutionizes the automated inventory of data into an asset & configuration inventory (CMDB) by reducing the technical effort required.

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