Port state CMDB importer

Scan, historize, and process the host port status as configuration items

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Host ports are used in IT to provide services within a network or the open internet. This means that they always represent a security-relevant point of attack. For this reason, the number of open ports should be reduced to the minimum required to provide the service.
With port scanner we offer enterprise customers the possibility to monitor and process the open and closed state of host ports. The rule-based verification of port status changes enables timely detection of unintentionally open or required closed host ports. This improves the security and stability of IT.
The historization approach allows you to view the port status of a host in an audit-proof manner throughout its entire lifecycle. And our topology approach automatically establishes a topological relationship to the provided service, process or host.

Port scan, reporting & verification

The following example shows how port 22 has changed its status. Furthermore, a topological affiliation to an imported technical service from the monitor solution Dynatrace was established.
Und natürlich ist es Möglich die Port Scan Instanzen in im Reporting zu nutzen oder darauf Compliance Verifikationen durchzuführen.

Unlock the value of host port status

With the data scanned from a host port, you can create added value for IT & business. The following use cases can be implemented with it:

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OneImporter & OneGate core concepts

OneImporter & OneGate core concepts

The OneImporter & OneGate revolutionizes the automated inventory of data into an asset & configuration inventory (CMDB) by reducing the technical effort required.

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