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Automate your IT documentation

Use to automate IT documentation to focus on IT projects and improvements


IT documentation is probably one of the most unloved topics of IT staff. Nevertheless, IT documentation is the most important source of information for IT decisions, knowledge transfer and auditability. can automate the unpopular process of capturing and continuously adapting IT documentation by checking information from any data source for changes and gathering them accordingly.

As a further added value, can provide you with an overview of the changes in your workspace. Data stored in can no longer be changed, providing you with an audit-proof documentation. A full-text search and analysis options for data content and topologies give you a deeper insight.

Examples for data sources that can import:
  • Monitoring solutions (Dynatrace, Check_MK etc.)
  • Cloud and virtualization platforms (AWS, Google Azure, Hetzner Cloud, Nutanix, vSphere etc.)
  • Databases schemas (relational database)
  • Database content with business objects (SAP CRM, Salesforce etc.)
  • Identity management solutions (IDM)
  • Configuration files (web/app/db server)
  • Infrastructure components (router, switch, printer etc.)
  • ... and any other accessible data source manages data and its changes over its entire lifcycle. Any entity can be processed. Here are a few examples:
  • Topology data (host, process, services, application, user etc.)
  • Monitoring configurations (anomaly detection, event consolidation etc.)
  • Users and their access rights
  • Databases including tables and attributes
  • Database content like contracts, bookings, travel expenses etc.
  • System and software configuration files for web, app and database server
  • Router configurations
  • Firewall rules
  • ... and any other entity :-)

Make your internal or external auditor happy and satisfied with the fully documented change history of your data at the next certification or audit review!


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